Wakely Analytics Health Operations Optimization (WAHOO)

The Wakely Analytics Health Operations Optimization (WAHOO) dashboard and wrap around consulting services uses detailed medical, pharmacy, and eligibility information and creates comprehensive member and provider level datasets to drill-down and report member level profitability and key operational metrics. This data is then compiled into operational levers so that executives and operational leaders can quickly and effectively drive profitable growth.  As part of the WAHOO program, Wakely Consultants can also provide expertise and help steer a strategic direction for the organization.

Data Management

The WAHOO DataMart is designed to house your data in one centralized location. Financial reports and operational analysis are built off the same data mart and streamlined into automated data pulls. The streamlining of data allows for operational leaders to strategize on solutions for the future, instead of reacting to the past. The DataMart allows the organization to be a cohesive unit with one source of truth, minimizing the negative impact of department silos.


Wakely’s WAHOO framework includes dashboards for all levels within in the organization:

  • Executives
  • Operational Leaders
  • Tactical Teams

Dashboards are tied together from the centralized DataMart and are simple to use. Saving you time, while knowing where to focus, will drive the success of your business and compare trends to the competition. 

Member and Provider Level Scorecards

One of the most important functions of WAHOO is member and provider level scorecards and rankings. Members and providers are ranked in terms of financial and operational opportunity improvement. Wakely’s analytic methodology identifies provider and member trends, allowing you to fix the root process while achieving better outcomes, higher member/patient satisfaction, and optimized financial results.

Wrap Around Consulting Services

Wakely is committed to building a partnership within your organization.  We strive to provide excellent service in all facets, not just providing analytics.  Wrap around consulting services include the following:

  • Monthly meetings to discuss strategic insights within your market and analytic outcomes to help drive
  • Bi-annual market analysis
  • Product design strategies
  • Analysis of sales and marketing plans and strategic approaches to ensure optimal growth

If you would like to learn more and schedule a demonstration of Wakely’s WAHOO program, please reach out to wahoo@wakely.com.